At the Going Down of the Ship

I offer no apology for paraphrasing one of the lines of the legendary ODE, so that ‘in the morning, we will remember them. Lest we forget’.

I refer specifically to the forgotten male civilians of Rabaul, New Britain who were taken prisoner by the invading Japanese army on 23 January 1942, after their wives and children had previously been repatriated to Australia. To date, they have often only been included as an appendage number (200) to the 853 Australian troops, in the total of 1,053 victims who went down on the Japanese prison ship Montevideo Maru off Luzon on 1 July 1942, with the troops individually listed on sites such as John Winterbotham’s ‘Soldiers of Lark Force’.

However, the actual number of civilians captured was 275 (documented by George Oakes in his ‘Civilians lost in the New Guinea islands’) which means there has been little account of what happened to 67 of them although we know from Winterbotham’s list that 115 of those massacred at Tol were soldiers and, therefore, the balance of 43 must have been civilians.

The Consequences

In all the various publications of the Rabaul disaster, there has been little (if any) coverage of the fate of the civilians. This article now analyses the facts of the remaining days of their existence.

1. One can barely understand or contemplate the absolute misery and despair they suffered when they learned of the infamous order of the Lark Force Commander Colonel Scanlon that it was a case of ‘Every man for himself!’…an order which must go down as unconscionable in the annuls of military history!

The knowledge that the officers had abandoned their responsibility to use their military forces in the defence of Australia, as well as Rabaul, and had surrendered the safety and welfare of their own troops signalled the deathknell for the civilians.

2. Age disparity: with the military requirement to be physically fit to enlist, the average age of the troops would have been in the low to medium 20s, including a number of teenagers!

However, the fact is that, before the 208 (not 200!) civilians died when the Montevideo Maru was torpedoed on 1 July 1942 they had been left to their own devices with no leadership, and with an age range no doubt reflecting an abysmal and horrifying level of fitness, as under:

Civilians aged over 30 – 157 (74%), and of these:
Civilians aged over 40 – 108 (51%,) and of these:
Civilians aged over 50 – 47 (22%) and of these:
There were four men aged over 60 and one was even 70!

What chance did they have of trekking through the jungle and/or surviving the slavery of those captured until they died on the prison ship? Little or zero!

3. But their predicament was even worse! Accustomed to tropical living in the idyllic climate, the apparel of the civilians would not come up to the hardier standards of the khaki clad troops, particularly in regard to the soldiers’ mandatory heavy boots, groundsheets, ponchos etc. for protection from the incessant rains.

4. And more! While various escaping troops somehow managed to have some tinned bully-beef and water bottles, the civilians may not have been so prepared with food and drinking water in containers.

5. Whilst there were many individual doctors amongst the civilians, there was no organised medical group like the Army’s Field Ambulance Units to assist the wounded or incapacitated, with attention or medicines.

It is worth noting, too, that although the age ranges cited above relate to the victims on the Montevideo Maru on 1 July 1942, the statistics would have been similar for the unaccounted 67 casualties – as noted above, 43 of whom were massacred at Tol, as the generally accepted figure of 158 victims at Tol only included 115 troops – with the other 24 either murdered at Gasmata or died whilst trying to escape or as POWs in Rabaul!

Occupations also had no meaning! With two court judges, six doctors, ten missionaries, many police officers and plantation owners and managers, they all just became a nondescript body destined to die!

The End

It is incomprehensible to imagine the chaos, panic and fear which must have reigned during the final minutes after the ship was torpedoed!Following a week of utter misery with no food, water or latrine facilities (given the Japanese were well known to not provision their prisoners during transport), the civilians had just 6 minutes to know their end was nigh!

However, as some form of solace to those loving relatives who may contemplate this scene with anguish, the POWs were ‘saved’ from the abject degradation and torture of 3½ years of slavery on the island of Hainan, where previous POWs from the Island of Ambon had been tortured and worked to death, with only 29% surviving the war.

Pte. Leo Ayres survived Hainan


Of the 1,482 Lark Force troops and 275 civilians of Rabaul – a total of 1,757 – only 386 (22%) survived, leaving 1,371 (78%) casualties. This was the greatest Australian military disaster of WW11; the sinking of the Montevideo Maru was the greatest Australian maritime disaster, with 208 (20%) of the victims being non-combatant civilians.


European civilians who were killed on the Montevideo Maru on Wednesday 1 July 1942

This list of the 208 European civilian prisoners of war (POWs) who died on the Montevideo Maru was originally compiled (after translation into English from the Japanese original supplied after the war) by archivists at the National Archives of Australia (NAA). It can be accessed from the NAAs Montevideo Maru website. The original English but partially corrupted file can be seen here.

According to the above record, there were 208 civilian internees on the Montevideo Maru.

Some of the civilians who were captured were also members of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles (NGVR) and are included in the list displayed at ‘POWs on the Montevideo Maru (because, presumably, they ‘joined up’ in the days immediately prior to the invasion, for which there was some official encouragement at the time). These names, therefore, are not included below. However, other civilians who were members of the NGVR and are not included in the list of soldiers on the Montevideo Maru have been included here. One anomaly is that the name Victor A. Florance appears on both lists. To remove his name from one list would mean a total of 1,052 POWs on the Montevideo Maru, one less than the widely accepted figure.

It is worth noting that a significant number (30) of those on this civilian list were members of the crew of the Norwegian merchant ship Herstein which was in Rabaul at the time of the Japanese invasion. Herstein crew members are noted, together with their rank, although the NAA record differs from the list published on the Norwegian website ‘War Sailors’. Where name spellings and ranks differ, I have used the Norwegian site as my source for the entries below.

Another anomaly worth pointing out is that on the ‘War Sailors’ website there are four additional names of Herstein crew members listed as being on the Montevideo Maru who are not listed in the NAA record. Another crew member is also recorded as being killed on 20 January 1942 (presumably during the Japanese dive bombing attack on the Herstein itself). Given that, according to the ‘War Sailors’ website, the Herstein had 36 crew members of whom only 30 are listed in the NAA file as being on the Montevideo Maru, there is no reliable account of what happened to five of the Herstein crew. The ship’s Captain managed to escape and survived the war.

For the sake of completeness, it is also worth noting that George Oakes has compiled, from various sources, a list of 275 European civilians who died in the New Guinea islands during World War II. This list is available on the ‘Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Memorial’ website but Oakes is clear that his list is not complete, specifically excluding any of the Herstein crew.

In essence then, 72 of the European civilians (that is, 275 resident Europeans plus 5 Herstein crew minus 208 on the Montevideo Maru) who died in the New Guinea islands during the war were not on the Montevideo Maru. This means they were either killed during the Japanese invasion on 22-23 January 1942, died or were killed while escaping or while as POWs in Rabaul, or died or were killed in Kavieng (New Ireland) or on plantations, mission stations or elsewhere. The bulk of these civilians (a total of 43), however, were captured and executed by the Japanese at Tol Plantation on 4 February 1942. The precise details of the remaining 29 European civilian deaths is unlikely to ever be known.

Some of the plantation and company names in the list below are known to be inaccurate and will be corrected as soon as more accurate details have been identified.

There is no known archival record of the Papuan civilians killed during and following the Japanese invasion and occupation.

For the purposes of the record presented below, the names are listed in alphabetical order (by last name). Each entry records, where available, the full name, country of origin, age at death, occupation and the location (as well as the date, if not on or about 23 January 1942) of the capture/imprisonment of the civilian concerned.

James Burrowes, 11 July 2017

The names of 208 European civilian POWs who were killed on the Montevideo Maru on 1 July 1942.

1. Edwin Malcolm ABBOTT, Australia, 33, Rabaul Seven Day Church Pastor, Kokopo North Coast
2. Harry ADAMS, Australia, 50, Norutama Plantation Owner, North Coast
3. Arthur Guy ALLEN, Australia, 40, Copra Merchant, Mioko Island
4. William Edward ALLEN, England, 37, Rabaul Police Station Master, Kokopo
5. Donald Clinton ALLEY, [nationality blank on original], 35, Pastor, Shortland Buka
6. Hugo ANDERSEN, Norway, 28, Herstein (Oiler), Kokopo
7. Olvar ANDERSON, Norway, 22, Herstein (Able Seaman), Rabaul
8. Norman Ernest ASH, England, 41, [Nationality Australia], Kokopo
9. Stanley Arthur ASHBY, England, 48, Plantation Manager, Kavieng on 11 May
10. John Motley ATHERTON, Australia, 47, Administration Pharmacy Bureau, Kokopo
11. William ATKINSON, Australia, 37, Kerewat Tarbilton Plantation Owner, Keravat
12. Alfred Ernest Dickinson BANKS, Ireland, 65, Rabaul Pacific Hotel Owner, Kokopo
13. Charles William BARNES, Australia, 60, Rabaul Times Typeset Technician, Rabaul
14. Vincent George BATH, Australia, 51, Administration Aboriginal Manager, Kokopo
15. Sydney Colin BEAZLEY, Australia, 32, Bunalima Methodist Mission Pastor, North Coast
16. Norman Rawlinson BECK, Australia, 47, Administration Official, Kokopo
17. Nils BECKMAN, Sweden, 25, Herstein (Ordinary Seaman), Rabaul
18. Donald Joseph BELL, Australia, 29, Wangaramut Plantation Manager, North Coast
19. Roger Arthur Alfred BERMAN, Australia, 24, Nakairo Rabaul Plantation Manager, Kokopo
20. Benn BOLT, Norway, 27, Herstein (2nd Mate), Rabaul
21. Herbert BOWMAN, England, 21, Medical Assistant, Kokopo
22. William Charles BOX, England, 47, Planter, New Harbour
23. Peter Cornelius BRANDAL, Norway, 46, Herstein (1st Engineer), Kokopo
24. Clifford Ambrose BRENNAN, Australia, 25, Honapoi Catholic Church Missionary, Kokopo North Coast
25. George Leonard BRETT, New Zealand, 41, Copra Plantation Trader of Aboriginal Supplies, Mishima
26. Hamilton George Wentworth BRINSTON, England, 43, Accountant, Kokopo
27. Robert Alphonso Leslie BROWN, Australia, 65, Administration Automobiles Section, Rabaul
28. Thomas Goodsir BROWN, Scotland, 46, Police Officer, Kokopo
29. Arthur Frederick BRUCKSHAW (BROCKSHAW?), England, 43, Clerk, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4003), Kokopo
30. John Felix BUNNEY, Australia, 70, Wangaramut Plantation Manager, North Coast
31. John Dalton BURKE, Australia, 49, Clerk, Kokopo
32. Ernest Charles BYE, England, 60, Carpenter Company Ship’s Captain, Kokopo
33. Charles James CAMPBELL, Australia, 41, Wangaramut Plantation Timber Trader, Kokopo
34. Cecil Fulton CANNON, Australia, 42, Carpenter Company Machinery Technician, Kokopo
35. Lincoln CARLYSLE, Australia, 35, Kobo Larabak Plantation Director, Kokopo
36. Lewis Alfred Allan CARR, Scotland, 48, Road Repairs Superintendent, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4004), Kokopo
37. Lewis William CARSON, Australia, 52, New Ireland Plantation Owner, Kokopo
38. Ivan CLARK, England, 43, Medical Assistant, Kokopo
39. John Andrew Joseph CLARK [John DOWNES], Australia, 44, New Guinea Timber Company Manager, Kavieng
40. Robert Leeuwin CLARK, Australia, 53, Bairul Construction Company Executive, Rabaul
41. Colin CLUNN, USA, 61, Burns Philp Sales Section, Kokopo
42. Forbes COBB, Australia, 54, Plantation Manager, Kavieng 24 May
43. Peter Edward Richard COE, Australia, 37, Customs Officer, Rabaul
44. Trevor David COLLETT, Australia, 28, Mussayo Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, Kokopo North Coast
45. Leo Anthony CONSIDINE, Australia, 36, Administration Clerk, Rabaul
46. Robert Edward COOK, Australia, 40, Carpenter Company Deputy Director, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4005), Kokopo
47. Arthur COOMBER, England, 40, Medical Assistant, Kokopo
48. Robert William COOPER, England, 40, Medical Practitioner, Kokopo
49. Philip COOTE, England, 56, Burns Philp (shipping/trading company) General Manager, Kokopo
50. Morton Cameron CROCKER, Australia, 45, Administration Supervisor of all Plantations, Keravat
51. John Bertrand CRUISE, England, 44, Administration Dispensary Chief, Kokopo
52. Roger DAVIES, England, 37, Medical Practitioner, Kokopo
53. Jack Eric DAYMOND, Australia, 37, New Guinea Official, Kavieng on 11 May
54. William DOCKRILL, Australia, 60, Rabaul Chicken Farm, Rabaul
55. Henry DODD, Australia, 53, Administration Official, Kokopo
56. Harry Granville DOYLE, Australia, 35, Selabiu Island Planter, New Harbour
57. Neville Xavier DOYLE, Australia, 21, Rabaul Drinks Manufacturer, Rabaul
58. Claude Thompson DRANE, Australia, 56, Rabaul Vacuum Petroleum Company Executive, Kokopo
59. Wilfred Lamont DUUS, England, 25, Medical Practitioner, Kokopo
60. Robert Bertram EARL, Australia, 45, Kokopo Maiuna Plantation Owner, Kokopo
61. Gunnar Egil EDVARDSEN, Norway, 24, Herstein (Mechanic), Rabaul
62. John Harold EDWARDS, Australia, 51, Burns Philp Aboriginal Labour Supervisor, NGVR (Capt, NG4053), Kokopo
63. Murray Stanley EDWARDS, Australia, 30, Assistant Official, Kavieng on 11 May
64. Abel Marriott EGLINGTON, Australia, 37, Administration Clerk, Rabaul
65. Edwin Reginald EINSIEDEL, Australia, 40, Burns Philp Shopkeeper, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4007), Kokopo
66. Thomas Evan EVANS, Australia, 38, Administration Medical Research, NGVR (Sgt, NG4008), Kokopo
67. Kåre FAGERVIK, Norway, 32, Herstein (Assistant), Kokopo
68. Charles Thomas Ross FIELD, Australia, 46, Rabaul Machinery Bureau Chief, Kokopo
69. Septimus Henry FILAN, Australia, 30, Administration Pay Clerk, Kokopo
*70.Victor A. FLORANCE, Australia, 53, Administration Official, NGVR (Sgt, NG4059), Kokopo
71. Roland Noel Harrison FORSYTH, Australia, 44, Administration Clerk, Rabaul
72. Henry Barnard FULTON, Australia, 31, Burns Philp Clerk, Kokopo
73. Tom Vernon GARRETT, Australia, 55, Toma Plantation Owner, North Coast
74. Cyril John GASCOIGNE, England, 49, Customs Transport Officer, Rabaul
75. Ivor Norman GASCOIGNE, Australia, 15, Arthur Luker State Radio Company Boy, Rabaul
76. John Crayston GOAD, England, [age: blank on original], New Ireland Medical Doctor, Kavieng
77. Keith Morris GRAY, Australia, 21 Hospital Medical Assistant, Kokopo
78. Alan Stanley GREEN, Australia, 59, North Coast Lowdward Plantation Manager, NGVR (Rfmn, #?), North Coast
79. Eric Clive Duckett GREEN, Australia, 37, Keravat Administration, Plantation Director, Keravat
80. Francis Oscar GREENWOOD, Australia, 57, Menga Plantation Manger, Kokopo
81. Wilfred GREENWOOD, England, 49, Plantation Owner Manager, Kokopo
82. Henry Anthony GREGORY, Australia, 43, Rabaul Court Judge, Kokopo
83. Reidar Ellefsen GRYTNES, Norway, 17, Herstein (Able Seaman), Rabaul
84. Göte GUSTAVSON, Sweden, 20, Herstein (Ordinary Seaman), Rabaul
85. John Edward HAMILTON, Australia, 55, Carpenter Company Warehouse Superintendent, Kokopo
86. Latham HAMILTON, New Zealand, 50, Garua/Galawa Plantation Manager, Kokopo
87. Jack HANSEN, USA, 19, Herstein (Mess Boy), Kokopo
88. Kaare HANSEN, Norway, 35, Herstein (Mess Boy), Kokopo
89. Olav HANSEN, Norway, 30, Herstein (Electrician), Kokopo
90. Edmund Martin HAWNT, Australia, 59, Rabaul Administration Telephone Bureau Chief, North Coast
91. Arthur HAY, England, 35, Medical Practitioner, Kokopo
92. James Gerald HENNESSY, USA, 37, Missionary, Buka on 15 March
93. Thomas Henry HERKET (HERKT?), Australia, 44, Administration Plantation Supervisor, Kokopo
94. Wilfred Leslie HERON, Australia, 48, North Coast Tovakandum Plantation Owner, North Coast
95. Albert Grant HERRON, Australia, 28, Rabaul Commonwealth Bank worker, Keravat
96. Gerald George HOGAN, England, 55, Rabaul Administration Attorne, Kokopo
97. Harry HOLDEN, Australia, 45, Rabaul Timber Merchant, Kokopo
98. Harry Darley HOLLAND, Australia, 48, Rabaul Radio Company Telecommunication Bureau Chief, Kokopo
99. Jan de Vries HOOGERWERFF, Holland, 66, Rabaul Printing Office Manager, Rabaul
100. Herbert Champion HOSKING, England, 47, Administration Medical Chief, Kokopo
101. Alf JEMTLAND, Norway, 34, Herstein (3rd Engineer), Kokopo
102. Cecil Charles JERVIS, England, 48, Coconut Plantation Manager Merchant, Nissan Island
103. Edward Caulfield KELLY, England, 46, Kavieng Customs Officer, surrender at Kavieng
104. Anthony John KING, Australia, 21, Librarian, Kokopo
105. Gunnar Alexander KNUDSEN, Norway, 27, Herstein (Ordinary Seaman), Rabaul
106. Axel KOINBERG, Estonia, 29, Herstein (Able Seaman), Rabaul
107. Kristian KRISTIANSEN, Norway, 25, Herstein (Mechanic), Rabaul
108. Arthur Marius LANDHAUG, Norway, 32, Herstein (Cook), Kokopo
109. Ivar Martin LIE, Norway, 21, Herstein (Oiler), Rabaul
110. William Lawrence Irving LINGGOOD, Australia, 40, Lamalioana Methodist Church Pastor, Kokopo North Coast
111. William James LIVINGSTONE, Australia, 39, Policeman, Kavieng on 12 March
112. John LOCKHART, England, 43, Hygienic Technician, Kokopo
113. Donald MacDOUGALL, Scotland, 41, Policeman, Kokopo
114. Colin MACKELLAR, Australia, 45, Planter, New Harbour
115. Charles Hector Roderick MACLEAN, Australia, 60, Carpenter Company Director, Kokopo
116. Frederick William MANTLE, England, 58, Rabaul Court Judge, Kokopo
117. Colin Sydney Paul MATER, England, 28, Rabaul Post Master, Rabaul
118. Laurence Archie MCARTHUR, Australia, 37, Rabaul Methodist Church Pastor, Kokopo North Coast
119. George Alexander MCCHEANE, Australia, 31, Butcher, Rabaul
120. David Bertram MCCULLAGH, Australia, 30, Honapoi Catholic Church Pastor, Kokopo North Coast
121. Joseph Thomas MCEVOY, New Zealand, 48, Planter, New Harbour
122. Thomas William McLAREN, USA, 33, Morobe Bread Making Company Maker, Kokopo
123. Roy Stewart MCPHERSON, Australia, 32, Manager, New Harbour
124. Herbert Neville MILLINGTON, Australia, 60, Kokobo Put Put Plantation Manager, Kokopo
125. Eric Henry Fitzroy MITCHELL, Australia, 29, New Guinea Official, Kavieng on 11 May
126. Bjarne MØLLER, Norway, 31, Herstein (1st Mate), Rabaul
127. Richard Kingsmill Pennefather MOORE, Australia, 56, Taliliga Plantation Manager, Kokopo
128. Sean MOREL, Australia, 23, New Ireland Jaru Plantation Director, Kavieng at sea
129. Knut MOSTAD, Norway, 33, Herstein (3rd Mate), Rabaul
130. Henry Andrew MUGGLETON, Australia, 36, Kokobo Sonkura Plantation Manager, Kokopo
131. Edward William Clark MULLIGAN, Ireland, 34, Morobe Bread Making Company Maker, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4058), Kokopo
132. Noel Walsh MULVEY, Australia, 36, Administration Machinery Section, Kokopo
133. George Hugh MURRAY, Australia, 64, Rabaul Agriculture Bureau Chief, Keravat
134. Reidar Thorbjørn MYHRE, Norway, 38, Herstein (2nd Engineer), Rabaul
135. Patrick George NAULTY, Australia, 42, Policeman, Kokopo
136. John Arthur NICOLAISEN, Norway, 36, Herstein (Radio Operator), Rabaul
137. Karl NILSSON, Sweden, 20, Herstein (Mess Boy), Rabaul
138. Frederick Clyde NUNAN, USA, 29, Missionary Sawyer, Buka on 15 March
139. William Daniel OAKES, England, 36, Kavieng Missionary Pastor, New Harbour
140. Frederick Edmund OATEN, Australia, 30, Planter, New Harbour
141. Noel Aloysius O’DWYER, Australia, 45, Massawa Plantation Owner, North Coast
142. Gerhard OLSEN, Norway, 62, Herstein (Boatswain), Kokopo
143. James Leonard ORMOND, [nationality blank on original], 57, Planter, New Harbour
144. Harold Hillis PAGE, Australia, 52, Deputy Governor of the Administration of Rabaul, Rabaul
145. Arthur Reginald PARRY, England, 49, Medical Assistant, Kokopo
146. Ernest Wilfred PEARCE, Australia, 41, Rabaul Methodist Church Secretary, Rabaul
147. Howard James PEARSON, Australia, 28, Funaria Methodist Church Pastor, Kokopo North Coast
148. Andrew PERRETT, Australia, 47, Rabaul Administration Official, Kokopo
149. Egil Kristian PETTERSEN, Norway, 42, Herstein (Carpenter), Kokopo
150. Murray Bartlett PICKERING, Australia, 49, Administration Clerk, Rabaul
151. Edward Lawley PINCHING, Australia, 48, South Coast Maguna Plantation Owner, Kokopo
152. Cedric Moreton PINES, England, 46, New Ireland Medical Doctor, Kavieng
153. Thomas Martin PLUNKETT, England, 23, Telephone Technician, Kokopo
154. John William POOLE, Australia, 28, Toma Methodist Church Missionary, Kokopo North Coast
155. Graham Stuart RAFF, Australia, 24, Bank of New South Wales worker, Keravat
156. Dixon Wearne Leslie RAND, Australia, 46, New Ireland Mariowan Plantation Manager, Kokopo
157. Arthur Ridley REED, Australia, 46, North Coast Unaudan Ranch Owner, North Coast
158. Albany RENTON, Australia, 51, [Unable to be translated…] Company, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4018), Rabaul
159. John Arthur REYNOLDS, Australia, 51, Administration Clerk, Rabaul
160. Arthur RINGSHAUG, Norway, 25, Herstein (Able Seaman), Kokopo
161. Dudley Louis ROBERTS, Australia, 29, Court Service School Teacher, surrender at Kavieng
162. Hector Ernest ROBINSON, Australia, 41, Administration Accountant, Rabaul
163. Wright ROBINSON, England, 22, North Coast Lalawat Plantation Manager, North Coast
164. Walter James RYAN, Australia, 48, Burns Philp Diplomat, Kokopo
165. Frank Veall SAUNDERS, [nationality blank on original], 50, Kavieng Planter, New Harbour
166. Stuart Keith SAVAGE, Australia, 50, Manager, Kavieng
167. Alfred George SAWKINS, England, 50, B R Plantation Manager, New Harbour
168. Adolf SCHMIDT, Scotland, 38, Teacher, Kokopo
169. Hugh Moore SCOTT, England, 57, Asalingi Plantation Manager, Massawa
170. Joseph Charles Edward SEDGERS, Australia, 44, Carpenter Company Management Plantation Inspection Section, Kokopo
171. William Gordon SETCHELL, Australia, 40, Kokobo Kouracuio Plantation Manager, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4022), Kokopo
172. David Augustus SHEBLER, Australia, 32, Rabaul Medical Supplies Trader, Kokopo
173. Herbert Bolus SHELTON, Australia, 44, Methodist Church, Head of the Church, Mioko Island
174. Thomas Nevison SIMPSON, England, 32, New Harbour Missionary Pastor, New Harbour
175. Magnus SKAUG, Norway, 21, Herstein (Mechanic), Kokopo
176. Dougall McDonald SMITH, Australia, 39, Administration Plantation Carpenter, Kokopo
177. James Olivant SMITH, Australia, 62, North Coast Unabagubagu Plantation Owner, North Coast
178. James Wilton SMITH, Australia, 42, Administration Chief Clerk, Rabaul
179. Samuel SNOOK, Australia (previously resident England), 46, Kokopo
180. Edgar Emanuel SOLOMON, England, 32, Rabaul Administration Telephone Technical Officer, Kokopo
181. Robert Lewis SOLOMONS, Australia, 51, Administration Accountant, Rabaul
182. Richard Thomas SQUIRES, England, 52, Medical Doctor, Kavieng
183. William George Stephen STALEY, Australia, 50, Administration Road Repairer, Kokopo
184. Reginald James STEPHEN, Australia, 47, Carpenter Company Warehouse Manager, Kokopo
185. Robert Hill STEVENS, Australia, 34, Administration Official, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4025), Kokopo
186. James STEWART, Australia, 55, Administration Official, Kokopo
187. Alexander James STRATHEARN, Australia, 36, Supreme Court Clerk, Kokopo
188. Henry Herbert Cecil SYMES, Australia, 48, Kokopo Marabaru Plantation Manager, Kokopo
189. Hans TEIEN, Norway, 26, Herstein (Mechanic), Rabaul
190. Cecil THOMAS, Australia, 26, Policeman, Kokopo
191. Leonard Charles THOMPSON, England, 32, X-Ray Medical Assistant, Kokopo
192. Einar Finn THORESEN, Norway, 18, Herstein (Ordinary Seaman), Rabaul
193. John Wesley TITCHENER, Australia, 52, Kerevat Administration, Plantation Deputy Director, Keravat
194. Harry Orton TOWNSEND, Australia, 49, Finance Bureau Officer, Kokopo
195. Jack William TREVITT, Australia, 28, Bunalima Methodist Mission Pastor, North Coast
196. Alfred John TRITTON, Australia, 34, Commonwealth Bank worker, Keravat
197. Hedley Fred TURNBULL, England, 24, Telephone Technician, Kokopo
198. James TYNAN, Australia, 17, Herstein (Saloon Boy), Kokopo North Coast
199. Geoffrey Herbert Donald VOSS, Australia, 36, Administration Teacher, Rabaul
200. Thomas WALKER, England, 55, Policeman, Kokopo
201. Thomas Valentine WALLACE, Australia, 41, Newspaper Journalist, Kokopo
202. Thomas Reginald WALSH, England, 41, Rabaul Administration Telephone Technical Officer, NGVR (Rfmn, NG4027), Kokopo
203. Herbert John WASHINGTON, Australia, 55, Kabaira Plantation Owner, North Coast
204. Ronald Norman WAYNE, Australia, 38, Aboriginal Interpreter of the Supreme Court, Rabaul
205. Alan Keith WHITEMAN, Australia, 49, Customs Officer, Rabaul
206. William Martin WILKIN, England, 56, Planter, New Harbour
207. Walter Powell WILLMET, Australia, 42, Kobo Larabak Plantation Director, Kokopo
208. Ray Moor YOULDEN, Australia, 48, Administration Officer, Kokopo