Soldiers Whose Fate is Unknown

The fate of each soldier of Lark Force is usually listed in one of the following categories:

1. Killed in Action
2. Missing, presumed dead
3. Died whilst escaping or as a Prisoner of War in Rabaul
4. Taken Prisoner of War (and died on the Montevideo Maru)
5. Taken Prisoner of War and executed at Tol Plantation, Gasmata or elsewhere
6. Taken Prisoner of War (but survived imprisonment in Japan until release when the war ended)
7. Escaped capture (and survived, such as those on the Lakatoi and the Laurabada)

But there is another category:
8. Soldiers for whom no record of their fate exists (so they do not appear on the lists above).

The names below constitute an incomplete record of those in this final category, with any details available:

1. VX20598 Pte FRENCH, Stanley Albert; Aged ?; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion; listed as ‘Missing, presumed dead 15 February 1942’ (Norm Furness has indicated that Stan was ‘shot whilst trying to escape’)
2. VX37505 Pte STEBBINGS, Jack; Aged ?; 2/22nd Infantry Battalion (Salvation Army Band); listed as ‘later died 23 January 1942’

As further names are identified in this category, they will be added to the list above. As noted in ‘At the Going Down of the Ship’, there are 29 civilians in this category as well.