My brothers, Tom (top) and Bob, and me. 24 April 1999.

I have sometimes appeared in the media reporting various aspects of my war service or that of my brothers; some of these items are still available. I have noted the more significant items below, with the most recent appearing first.

An article, based on an interview about my war service as a coastwatcher, was conducted by Walter Burroughs (editor and bosun) of the Naval Historical Review. The article titled ‘The Coastwatchers’ appeared in the December 2017 issue (Vol. 38, No. 4) and appears on pages 5-9 with a photo of my ex-WAAF wife, Beryl, and me on the inside front cover of the issue.

A 12-minute radio interview about my war experience, conducted by Katrina Lawrence and Warwick Hadfield, was broadcast on Fran Kelly’s ‘Radio National Breakfast’ on ANZAC Day (25 April) 2017. It can be heard here: ‘Jim Burrowes talks about his experience during WWII’.

A televised interview about my war service as a coastwatcher, conducted by Stefan Armbruster for SBS World News and accompanied by an article written by Stefan, was published on 22 April 2017 and can be watched/read here: ‘WWII commando reveals secrets of Pacific coastwatcher mission’.

An edited version of my article ‘How the Coastwatchers turned the tide of the Pacific War’ was published in ‘The Australian’ (national daily newspaper) on 12 May 2016. You can see it here: ‘How the Coastwatchers turned the tide of the Pacific War’. The unedited version is available here on my website.

A 23-minute video interview about my war service, conducted by Robert Broomhead and published on 15 February 2015, can be watched here:

A report of an interview, conducted by Jim Tennison and titled ‘My Heroic Brothers’, was published on the front page (and carried over to page 4) of the ‘Herald Sun’ (Victorian daily newspaper) on 24 April 1999.

My Heroic Brothers

My Heroic Brothers p.4.